NEOBIOTA - The European Group on Biological Invasions

Biologists and ecologists from Germany, at a meeting in Berlin 1999, founded a research consortium on biological invasions. This group will co-ordinate responses to the ever increasing problems caused by the invasion of non-native plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms. These "new species" (Neobiota) can threaten the biodiversity of existing native species, alter the structure and function of ecosystems and can eventually cause severe economic and human health problems.
The scientists in the group will work together on theoretical and applied aspects of biological invasions, but also aim at educating the public and consulting with policy makers.
The tasks of the consortium are as follows:
  • Enhance communication and contact between scientists from different fields.
  • Collect all available information on non-native species in Central Europe, their traits and their distribution. Identify information deficits and co-ordinate efforts to fill them.
  • Disseminate and co-ordinate research progress on theoretical and applied aspects: causes, mechanisms, and effects of biological invasions; potential control methods.

Co-ordinator of the group:
Prof. Dr. Ingo Kowarik
Institut of ecology TU Berlin
Rothenburgstr. 12
12165 Berlin

For further information contact the Secretary of the group:
Dr. Uwe Starfinger
Institut of ecology TU Berlin
Rothenburgstr. 12
12165 Berlin
email: starfinger@gp.tu-berlin.de
telephone (direct) +49 (0)30 314 711 94,(office) +49 (0)30 314 713 50, fax +49 (0)30 314 713 55.
Read more about NEOBIOTA here

NeoBiota journal
NeoBiota is a peer-reviewed, open-access, rapid online journal launched to accelerate research on all types of alien species and biological invasions: aquatic and terrestrial, animals, plants, fungi and micro-organisms. Link
The journal NeoBiota is a continuation of the former NEOBIOTA publication series; for volumes 1-8 see here

NEOBIOTA publication series
The working group NEOBIOTA publishes a publication series with the name NEOBIOTA (ISSN 1619-0033). It covers the topics addressed by the working group, i.e. pure and applied aspects of invasion ecology in Central Europe.It consists of conference proceedings and monographs, e.g., dissertations. As NEOBIOTA is addressed at practitioners as well as scientists, some volumes are in German, others in English.

NEOBIOTA Conferences 
Copenhagen 2010: 6th NEOBIOTA Conference, Biological Invasions in a Changing World - From Science to Management, 14 - 17 September
Prague 2008: 5th International NEOBIOTA Conference on Biological Invasions, 23-26 September
Vienna 2006: From Ecology to Conservation, 4th International Conference on Biological Invasions, 27-29 September
Bern 2004: 3rd International Conference on Biological Invasions NEOBIOTA - From Ecology to Control 30 September - 1 October
Halle 2002: Biological Invasions: Challenges for Science, 10-12 October
Berlin 2000: Biologische Invasionen: Herausforderung zum Handeln? 4-7 October