Host Institution

The GEIB Grupo Especialista en Invasiones Biológicas is a nationwide independent organization developing its own projects and providing technical assistance and consultancies in the field of biological invasions.

Our goals are:
  • To halt the biodiversity loss caused by the introduction of Invasive Alien Species.
  • To foment and develop actions and initiatives for the improvement of the knowledge and conservation of the biodiversity, and particularly all of those dealing with Invasive Alien Species and their impact on the environment, economy and public health.
  • To ensure the ecologically sustainable and equitable use of natural resources.
  • To foment equal opportunities in the scientific field.
  • To encourage the collaboration among scientists whose field of research cover Invasive Alien Species.

Contact details
GEIB Grupo Especialista en Invasiones Biológicas
C/ Tarifa 7
E-24193 Navatejera (León) Spain
Phone: +34 626169568 // +34 609859119
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